Madeline Kolker

Artistic Director

After moving to New Orleans from New York, Madeline has been touched and enthralled by the intimate and powerful theatre community here. She feels a pull not to just be a part of the community, but to contribute to it. She is most drawn to contemporary work and wants to share this world as she knows it with New Orleans. Madeline is a working actor on stage and on camera.


Coco Guillot

Executive Director

Inspired by her travels through the American south and England, Coco began nolaNOW with the goal of providing an creative outlet built around contemporary storytelling, community, and the theater arts. While driving up and down the Mississippi delta, she spent hours scanning local radio channels across the south and discovered a deep love for the art of 21st-century storytelling. For her to be a part of sharing these stories on the stage is a dream realized.


Cuba Hatheway

Associate Artistic Director

Cristina Hatheway Rivas, also known as “Cuba,” is a local Director, Stage Combat Choreographer, Actor and Theatre Teacher. Originally from New Orleans, she attended NOCCA for Drama and went on to earn her B.F.A. in Acting/Musical Theatre at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She is excited to be a part of the nolaNOW crew and can’t wait to keep telling compelling stories through this awesome company.


Liz Haley

Administrative Coordinator

Liz Haley found her tribe in the theatre community in high school, when the theatre supervisor asked her to come hang out with the weirdos backstage while she waited for her ride home. Ever since she’s been creating for the sake of creating, whether that be in traditional art, knitting, crochet and other crafts, or consuming all forms of pop culture available to her. She strive to continue to collaborate with inspiring, driven, and self-motivating humans, and couldn’t be more grateful to work with NolaNOWTheatre.


George Silvertooth

Graphic Designer

George received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where he learned film theory, photography, video production, and general design theory. He designs logos, posters, and advertising materials as well as video production for the company. Most recently he produced the promo videos and main graphics for nolaNOW's inaugural production of Gruesome Playground Injuries.

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Casey Dawson

Literary Manager

Casey Dawson is a senior English literature major and medieval studies minor at Loyola University New Orleans, where they currently serve as the president of Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society. Though not an actor, they can fully recite Shanglela’s sugar daddy monologue from Season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and most recently appeared on-stage in Loyola Opera Workshop’s 2017 production of Kurt Weil’s Street Scene. They are so happy to be a small part of NOLANow’s excellent collection of actors, producers, and full-blown creative geniuses who want to bring their art to this beautiful city.


Rob Grabowitz

Grant Administrator

Rob has always had one foot in reason, and the other in the sublime. A writer and educator living in Manhattan, he is happy to be helping in the theatre nonprofit world with an organization making a major difference in the NOLA community.

Board Members

George Silvertooth Jr.
Cristina Hatheway Rivas
Steven Kane
Jake Beckhard
Serena Berman
Dana Johnson