nolaNOW Launch Party

To celebrate the launch of our company, nolaNOW curated an evening full of music, poetry, scene readings from various plays, and, of course, our closest friends and supporters. We had a blast, y’all! 

We started the night with a performance by indie-pop band Dog Park who sang crowd-favorite “Bike” about the tragic love-story between a woman and her stolen bike. With a wonderfully attentive audience, we moved into our selected contemporary scene readings. We ended the night with intimate performances by local poet Emily Jean McCollister and leading artist of Sweater Creep Daniel Bourgeois.

Scenes read by local actors

Gruesome Playground Injuries by Rajiv Joseph: Coco Guillot and Todras Sam

How To Transcend a Happy Marriage by Sarah Ruhl: Andrew Farrier, Michael Sauviac, Ariel Lucius, and Cammie West 

Scab by Sheila Callaghan: Madeline Kolker, Cristina H. Rivas  

Date: May 26th, 2018